Join the "Intentional Living" Mastermind & Start Living a Life That Matters

Intentional Living is about living a life that matters — not just about improving your life. Most humans have a desire for their life and their time on earth to have mattered.

This Mastermind program is designed for you if you don’t want to just accept life as it comes at you — but want to lead a life of significance.

Intentional Living is mattering through a growth plan of intentionally adding value to others' lives.

Only 10 Seats Available
Bobby Sampsons,
Northern Lancaster County Police Department
"Richard always provided thought provoking & challenging questions as we walked through our weekly journey...I soon found a new me...and a new passion to bring quality leadership & value to those around me.

If you're passionate about making a difference & adding value to people's lives, then I would highly encourage you to join Richard's Mastermind & judge for yourself."
What can you expect with the "Intentional Living" Mastermind?
A DELIGHTFUL JOURNEY OF SELF-DISCOVERYIt’s fun to consider massive ambitious life changes to achieve a happier life. But really, it’s the small stuff — the daily interactions — that make up the actual life we’re living. So how do you create a life that matters out of your daily grind?

If you want a life-changing journey that will start with small actions today, and still be changing your life for the better a year from now — and the next year after that — then the "Intentional Living" Mastermind is for you.

Listen to John Maxwell explain his purpose for writing "Intentional Living" and the difference between "success" and "significance".
ACCOUNTABILITY: For one hour per week, for 10-weeks, join a group of like minded individuals just like you who are interested in accountability and taking life changing action.

PURPOSE: Intentional Living will guide you to discover and use your unique intrinsic gifts to intentionally add value to other people. You will discover the skills, talents, & traits that can be used to add value to others.

TRANSFORMATION: Quite often, we drift through our days at the mercy of our schedules and chaos. This is all about taking responsibility for our days and shifting how we see the world. 

MEANING: You're not just're intentionally setting out to add value for another person. That intention makes all the difference - it will change the way you see your day, and the world, forever.
"Life changing..."
Carlos Fernandez
"Best part of my week..."
Jake Ramstack
"Incredibly rewarding..."
Elizabeth Anderson
Facilitated by Leadership Expert and "Dose of Leadership" Host Richard Rierson
Once we start leading with intention we can start living a life of significance...
“One thing that has become crystal clear to me over the past year...It is impossible to be significant on our own – we have to have other people join us on the journey. 

The key is finding YOUR people. Few things derail a person in pursuit of significance like being surrounded by people who don’t consider significance something worth pursuing. 

To make a difference, you must work together with like-minded people. You will know them because they will want the same things you do and have the same outlook on life. 

Your job is to find them and connect with them. 

This Mastermind is an excellent vehicle for that connection."

10-Weekly One-Hour Sessions, Every Saturday Morning, 9-10 AM ET
Early Bird Pricing For First 5 Participants
  • $100 Savings - Regularly priced at $349
  • Hardcopy version of John Maxwell's "Intentional Living" included
  • Meet via Zoom teleconference via computer or telephone
  • Weekly study guides included to facilitate discussion and efficiently maximize your busy schedule
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