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Why Should You Mastermind With Devin & Richard?
  • MINDSET: As a high performer you know that what got you here won’t take you to the next level. You need to immerse yourself with a group that broadens your view and reveals advanced levels of thinking. This is one of the best parts of this Mastermind. Devin & Richard love helping people gain unique perspectives that will propel them to previously unattainable levels.
  • TOOLS & TACTICS: The bottom line is that you need a new set of tools and strategies.  By surrounding yourself with other high achievers you will gain unique insight and tactics that will radically change your life.  In addition you'll be learning the latest business, entrepreneurship, & leadership strategies from Devin & Richard; unparalleled insight on what works for them and the clients they have served.
  • MEANINGFUL RELATIONSHIPS: This Mastermind is a unique opportunity to build a powerful and life changing network.  Devin & Richard's personal network contains some of today's top thought leaders, entrepreneurs, & creatives. Joining this Mastermind allows Devin & Richard to extend their professional network to you; gaining you exceptional access to potentially life changing opportunities.

Devin Walker

Since founding the very first internet company of it’s kind,, in 2002, Devin has invested in over two dozen successful startups, bringing numerous ideas to market. An angel investor, serial entrepreneur, mentor, coach & philanthropist, Devin uses his wealth of experience to inspire and lead others to realize their dreams.

Richard Rierson

Richard has over 25 years of practical leadership experience as a USMC Officer, professional airline pilot, corporate leader, executive coach, media host & entrepreneur. Leadership is his passion & he believes that success is tied to the daily application of leadership. His loves helping others become more composed, confident, consistent & courageous.

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